In line with Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program (NTP), the initiative aims to equip, operate and build digital capabilities in the municipal sector, rationalize duplicate technical components such as applications and data centers, and unify procedures and services at the municipal sector level to ensure their quality, protect them from any external interference and enable MOMRAH to preserve its resources and services in the best way, as well as save time, and reduce efforts and costs.

* The initiative targets all employees of the municipal sector.

* The initiative helps improve quality of services by developing the municipal sector digital capabilities.

* Expected Impact: Improving quality of municipal sector IT services.

* Outputs: Municipal Sector IT Operating Model; IT Frameworks, Policies and Procedures; User Services and Support Center Platform; merging data centers; developing data strategy; setting BI solutions; Advanced Data Analysis; developing Digital Awareness-Raising and Leadership Program; developing and improving Support Applications (Administrative Communications); developing and implementing the new operating model for the Municipal Center for Digital Transformation; developing and improving support applications; Government Resources Planning (GPR); Disaster Recovery Center; studying the technical needs Phase II; developing content management system; developing IT infrastructure and cloud services; and implementing results of Phase II of the digital needs study.

National Transformation Program
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المبادرات والمساهمة في 2030