Sakani: 84 thousand Saudi families have benefited from the Program since the beginning of the year, and October is the highest with over 14 thousand beneficiaries

"Sakani" Program announced that 84,129 Saudi families have benefited from the Program since the beginning of the current year until the end of October 2023. The number of Saudi families who have occupied their first homes since the beginning of the year reached 82,883 families. This comes as part of the continuous efforts to provide multiple housing products and diverse financing solutions that contribute to achieving the goals of the Housing Program - one of the programs of Vision 2030 - by increasing the homeownership rate for Saudi families to 70% by the year 2030.

"Sakani" stated in a press statement today that the number of families benefiting from the program in October reached 14,656 families, while the number of families who occupied their first homes in the same month reached 9,639 Saudi families. This was achieved through the optional support packages provided by "Sakani" to Saudi families, which offer flexible and diverse solutions by providing immediate non-refundable support to beneficiaries of ready-to-move, under-construction, and self-building housing units in partnership with the Real Estate Development Fund, financial institutions, banks, and real estate developers. These packages and diverse options reaffirm Sakani's commitment to the continuity of housing support and the importance of diverse financing and housing options to accelerate Saudi families' ownership of their homes.

The Program also mentioned that several projects are available for online reservation through "Sakani" platform and application in various provinces of the Kingdom. It urged Saudi families interested in homeownership to explore the available projects and housing units by visiting "Sakani" application or website through the link This is part of the ongoing efforts to provide diverse housing options that meet the aspirations and desires of Saudi families.

"Sakani" offers multiple services through its various channels to serve beneficiaries, communicate with them, and respond to inquiries. It has provided 170,696 services to beneficiaries who contacted the Program through its official account on "X" platform, as well as the Unified Center for Beneficiary Care (19909) and WhatsApp Business. "Sakani" website and application also offer a range of housing facilities and services, including real estate advisor, issuing first home real estate transaction tax certificates, obtaining quotes from financing institutions, and issuing land contracts electronically, engineering designs, approved contractors, electronic financing, and the real estate market, as well as registration and immediate eligibility and issuing building permits electronically.

All housing services, financing options, and solutions can be accessed through the link, by contacting the unified number for beneficiary care (199090) to answer all questions and inquiries, or by visiting the comprehensive Sakani Center in Riyadh, Jeddah, Medinah, and Al-Khobar.