MOMRAH to launch “Temporary Signage Permit” Service through “Balady” Application

The Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing has launched a service for temporary advertising permits through "Balady" platform and application. The service aims to regulate temporary advertising billboards on the facades of commercial establishments, improve compliance with visual appearances, and coordinate advertisements for discounts, services, or new products.

MOMRAH stated in a press release that the temporary advertising permit must be valid for a period of 90 days and should only advertise the services or "discounts," or highlight products of the establishment itself. It is important to arrange and standardize the dimensions of the billboards within the same building and present them in a consistent manner with other billboards.

Additionally, the billboards should not cause any noise or light disturbances or contain content that is contrary to public decency. Advertisements or promotional billboards are not allowed on building windows. Approval from the Ministry of Commerce is necessary if the temporary advertising permits is for discounts.

This service is part of a series of electronic services provided by MOMRAH to improve the experience of beneficiaries and enable commercial establishment owners to obtain temporary advertising permits in accordance with the necessary conditions and regulations, while preserving the attractiveness and overall appearance of the facades of commercial establishments.

The service enables owners of commercial establishments to obtain permits through easy steps via "Balady" application. They can insert the required information, such as the start date of the permit, duration of display, and type of advertising board. The permit is issued after meeting the requirements and paying the applicable fee. You can access the service by visiting the link:

It is worth noting that "Balady" platform offers over 200 diverse digital services to facilitate the needs of the municipal sector. These services contribute to facilitating business operations, improving the quality of life in Saudi cities, and enhancing the level of municipal services provided in all secretariats and municipalities.